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As part of its efforts to earn the satisfaction and trust of its patients, Daimon Medical Clinic (our hospital) is implementing the following measures to appropriately protect and handle their personal information:

Our hospital basically handles personal information for the purposes listed in each of the following items:. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

1.  To provide medical care, examinations, nursing care services, medical study groups, etc., safely, securely and smoothly
2. Medical and long-term care insurance administration (Including the submission of a receipt to the reviewing and paying agency and the response to inquiries from the reviewing and paying agency or the insurer.)
3.  Collaboration with other hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, home nursing stations and care service providers
4.  To respond to and communicate inquiries from patients and their families
5. For information from our hospital to patients and their families
6.  Notification of the results of medical examinations to the business operator, etc., in cases where medical examinations have been conducted as entrusted by the business operator, etc.
7.  Consultation or notification to a professional organization, insurance company, etc. related to medical treatment, etc., pertaining to physician liability insurance, etc.
8.  Various tasks required to obtain the patient’s consent, such as calling the contact number notified by the patient

Our hospital will not handle personal information without your prior consent, to the extent necessary to achieve the above purposes of use.

  • We will comply with laws and other relevant laws regarding the protection of personal information.
  • In collecting personal information, we identify the purpose of collection, notify and publicize it, and handle personal information according to the purpose of collection.
  • We will develop rules on the handling of personal information and make them known to all employees and business partners.
  • To prevent the risk of personal information being leaked, lost, destroyed or tampered with, necessary measures will be taken and appropriate management will be conducted.
  • We will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties except when we obtain the consent of the individual, when there are legitimate reasons such as laws and regulations, or when we entrust the business to a subcontractor to the extent necessary to achieve the business.